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Experience the Lamborghini Gallardo vs the Porsche 911 GT3

Numerous countless pounds happen to be spend through the game titles and movie industries inside a bid to show what it might be prefer to experience driving the earth's finest supercars with the roads from the Globe's most stylish metropolitan areas. Games like Project Gotham Racing and the requirement for Speed series,and films like Gone in a minute,all showcase the irresistible mixture of beautiful cars speeding through stunning locations.

So there is a quite understandable stir triggered with a recent video,that has been doing the models from the internet, of the Porsche 911 GT3 along with a Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera going face to face around the roads of Paris,apparently in tangible traffic.Obviously,the visitors are only apparently real and also the video is equally as highly created and edited as something that Hollywood might come out,however this staged event in the team at is all about as near to the real thing as you are ever prone to see.

The 2 supercars are impelled by trained professionals Nicolas Navarro and Julien Piguet. Within the video,named -The Ring Race-,the 2 stunt motorists are pitted against one another inside a semi-controlled atmosphere.Racing around the Parisian boulevards during the night,the whitened GT3 and also the (inevitably) orange Gallardo look absolutely awesome as car headlights and streetlamps accentuate the sheen of each and every the surface of these incredible machines.Because they are kept in what does indeed seem like a geniune duel,they ease past other,more pedestrian,traffic.This is about making fast cars look really awesome, and it works very nicely.

Naturally,almost as much ast the recording might improve your need to own one of these simple cars it does not enable you to get any nearer to having the ability to afford one.You would be lucky to obtain driving of your new Porsche GT3 for a smaller amount than 90,000 while a completely new Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera costs around 150,000: eye-watering stuff.

Fortunately, you don't have to risk a prison sentence for slowly destroying a financial institution (or even the ignominy to become a hedge fund manager) to be able to put one of these simple cars through its paces.When the Ring Race video has whetted your appetite for many supercar action,try out a Lamborghini driving experience in the legendary Silverstone circuit - home of British Motorsport. With encounters beginning from just 120,you are able to really release the energy from the 5 litre V10. You never know - you may even show individuals Parisian chaps a few things!

Book your experience day direct with Silverstone, home of British Motorsport. Exciting selection of driving encounters, activity days and gift experience vouchers.If you're interested to understand some thing on experience driving and Lamborghini driving experience other particulars, you are invited to the world wide kingdom site.

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