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Ferrari reveal 2011 car

F1 racing driver from the Ferrari, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who introduced the very first F1 vehicle for that racing season 2011.

One of the leading F1 team is expecting improvement within the vehicle, the F150, had enough after losing their championship 2010 around the final race.

Proper mistake within the final race from the team making Sebastian Vettel Red-colored Bull who won the planet championship while Fernando Alonso is at a far more beneficial position.

The launch of the vehicle is performed at Ferrari headquarters in Maranello and can undergo the very first trial in the Fiorano circuit prior to being come to fly to Valencia, The country, to go to the pre-race tests, that will occur from 1 Feb.

"This vehicle is caused by work with several several weeks. We have to be fully committed within our work and we're ready for that challenge," stated Alonso.

The vehicle that you'll see within the first race can be really not the same as the cars that you simply see in Valencia.

Stefano Domenical

In testing at Valencia, Alonso is going to be driving a brand new vehicle around the first couple of days in Valencia, and Massa within the last days. Be modified

However you will see certain parts that'll be added for that F150 before the first race.

"F150 is produced based on technical rules tend to be different than in the past so necessary for begin with the facet of reliability which vehicle is the initial step for the reason that direction," stated Ferrari team boss, Stefano Domenicali.

"In past seasons, there exists a hard time along with a wonderful future and you want to develop that lovely moments."

Racing season 2011 will again make use of a Nufacturers energy recovery system along with a new tire supplier, Pireli, which replaces the Bridgestone and using wings that may proceed to help in front of another vehicle.

Ferrari greatly hope the cars were introduced in Italia is going to be developed better still before it fell within the first race in Bahrain on 13 March.

"The vehicle that you'll see within the first race can be really not the same as the cars that you simply see in Valencia," stated Stefano Domenicali.

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