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Car Audio Equalizer

Getting audio system, isn't complete without audio equalizer. Audio equalizer is applying to make the effect complete of seem within the vehicle. Trying to find audio equalizer isn't as simple as we thought, but we have to justify our needs. I'll review among the best product from amazon . com store. Here review

SSL S4EQ Four Band Preamp Equalizer with Subwoofer Output and Dual Color Illumination

Technical Particulars

Front, rear and subwoofer results

THD: 90dB

Dual color illumination

Gold-plated fittings

Description Of Product

SSL equalizers supply the ability that you should boost or cut the creation of specific wavelengths quickly to tweak your own music and films to fit your personal auditory preferences. The S4EQ is really a four band preamp equalizer with front, rear and subwoofer results. Additionally, it features two illumination options (switch from awesome eco-friendly to sinister red-colored in the touch of the mouse) and gold-plated fittings to permit clean processing of seem. Signal-to-noise ratio >90dB. THD

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