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Pontiac G8 And Toyota Highlander Winners Of Consumers Guide Most Significant New Award

Consumer Guide Automotive, the best source for used and new vehicle reviews has introduced lately in the 2007 Chicago Auto Show held at McCormick Place it has selected the 2008 Pontiac G8 and Toyota Highlander since it's readers because of its second annual Most Critical New Introduction Honours. Particulars from the stated giving and popular features of the car show can be found at

Because of so many things to consider, vehicle shopping is definitely an extremely confusing experience. By naming the most important new vehicle and truck introductions, were helping vehicle purchasers everywhere identify automobiles worth consideration. Site visitors attending the nations premier consumer show within Chicago can easily see the standout automobiles firsthand, stated Kirk Bell, Consumer Guide Automotive Connect Writer.

The automobiles selected through the Consumer Guides editors as potential award candidates are just individuals new or completely remodeled vehicles that are released in the 2007 Chicago Auto Show. The champion was selected according to their outstanding consumer value as well as when it comes to their innovative features. Each one of the Consumer Guide editors has allotted 25 suggests automobiles which are selected as runners up. The automobiles received a maximum of 10 points and those who win were selected in line with the greatest quantity of overall points both in vehicle and truck groups. For last years inaugural award, the those who win were Lexus 350 ES and Toyota Tundra.

The Customer Guide Automotive is extremely regarded as for his or her expert experience and objective reviews within the last 35 years. Consumer Guides staff has test drives greater than 200 new automobiles every year by which they based their consumer-oriented reviews. They've began delivering their finest Buy and Suggested Honours around 1967 and also, since then have managed to get a yearly tradition.

You will find plenty of information supplied by the customer Guide Automotive. Besides the latest particulars about this years Most Critical New Vehicle and Truck Introduction award those who win you will find also new vehicle reviews, comprehensive second hand vehicle information as well as some information on where for the greatest quality auto parts like for example GM brake boosters and much more. All the details that customers need if this involves vehicle are readily available on the internet site of Consumer Guide so that as an additional feature they'll offer quick accessibility good reputation for any second hand vehicle, revealing any possible undisclosed issues that affects the automobiles safety and resale value.

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